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VoD services: Ease of use still not where it should beZapping through Vod

Video-on-demand services like Netflix or Watchever offer a great variety of content. But even though I am subscribing to a VoD service I watch linear TV much more often. The main reason for me and for many other people struggling with VoD is the ease of use: When I watch TV I don’t have to browse through hundreds of movie covers first. I can start right away. The editors of the TV channels give me a recommendation of a single show to watch right now. I can test it for a while and when I don’t like it I can switch to the next channel and test the next recommendation. That’s really convenient. And I think video-on-demand services would profit in different ways from imitating this type of content discovery. Here is how… (mehr …)


Netflix GermanyNetflix about to expand in Europe

In the last weeks more and more hints can be found that the American video streaming service Netflix will enter the German market in the close future. The service is really successful in the US outperfoming HBO in subscriber numbers. But what will happen if they come to Germany? Which impact could the launch of Netflix Germany have on German TV producers and TV channels? In this articel I describe what I think is likely to happen.

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