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GoPro disrupted the camcorder industry

The success of Woodman Lab’s little camcorder GoPro is astonishing: Founded ten years ago the company already accounts for about 20% of camcorder sales in the US and according to this source is the number one consumer camcorder on earth. The GoPro disrupted a market that was dominated by established manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic and Canon for a long time. How did they do that? I think there is a lot for product managers and entrepreneurs to learn from GoPro. Read my list of (at least) six lessons.

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disrupting-telcoSkype statt Telefon, Whatsapp statt SMS

Der Wettbewerb zwischen den Telekommunikationsanbietern ist groß – abzulesen nicht zuletzt an den beständig fallenden Preisen für Mobilfunk- und Breitbandverträge. Doch Ungemach droht den Telcos inzwischen nicht mehr nur von den direkten Konkurrenten. Internetservices wie Skype und vor allem Whatsapp grätschen in die Branche – mit gravierenden Folgen für die Telefonie- und SMS-Umsätze der Netzbetreiber. Das ist bereits jetzt sichtbar. Die Frage ist nur: Was könnte noch kommen?

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Netflix GermanyNetflix about to expand in Europe

In the last weeks more and more hints can be found that the American video streaming service Netflix will enter the German market in the close future. The service is really successful in the US outperfoming HBO in subscriber numbers. But what will happen if they come to Germany? Which impact could the launch of Netflix Germany have on German TV producers and TV channels? In this articel I describe what I think is likely to happen.

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