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tutorial_travel_video_makingSince DSLRs and bridge photo cameras with large sensors are capable of recording high resolution video and since everyone can capture moving scenes with his smartphone a lot has changed – not only in the camcorder industry but also in the way self made videos look. In the last weeks I have edited some travel videos and watched hundreds of them on Vimeo. Here is what I have learned. A lot of it is influenced by the technological shift towards filmmaking with a photo camera.

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GoPro disrupted the camcorder industry

The success of Woodman Lab’s little camcorder GoPro is astonishing: Founded ten years ago the company already accounts for about 20% of camcorder sales in the US and according to this source is the number one consumer camcorder on earth. The GoPro disrupted a market that was dominated by established manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic and Canon for a long time. How did they do that? I think there is a lot for product managers and entrepreneurs to learn from GoPro. Read my list of (at least) six lessons.

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VoD services: Ease of use still not where it should beZapping through Vod

Video-on-demand services like Netflix or Watchever offer a great variety of content. But even though I am subscribing to a VoD service I watch linear TV much more often. The main reason for me and for many other people struggling with VoD is the ease of use: When I watch TV I don’t have to browse through hundreds of movie covers first. I can start right away. The editors of the TV channels give me a recommendation of a single show to watch right now. I can test it for a while and when I don’t like it I can switch to the next channel and test the next recommendation. That’s really convenient. And I think video-on-demand services would profit in different ways from imitating this type of content discovery. Here is how… (mehr …)

When former Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins launched the two first Blackberry 10 phones one year ago the expectations were high. RIM had to deliver nothing short of a revolutionary phone to make it back into the relevant set of smartphone buyers. We now know Blackberry failed. The two phones Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 were no game changers. They have some nice new features but nothing that could compensate for the lack of apps that iOS and Android users love and that do not run porperly on Blackberry 10.

But what could have been such game changing features of Blackberry 10 phones that could have made them a success? I have listed three that  I think would have made a difference. (mehr …)

„640K ought to be enough for anybody.“ 

This quote is attributed to Bill Gates (probably for no reason) and makes him look like doing bad at estimating future developments. From my point of view this is totally unjustified. When I was a teenager I was reading his book „The road ahead“ he had written in 1995 – in a time when the internet was still in its infancy and DVD players had not even entered the market. Now I read it once again and I was really impressed how accurate most of his predictions were – especially when it comes to smartphones. (mehr …)

Are watches only jewellery?

With Apple supposed to be working on a smartwatch there is lots of discussion in the market what a smartwatch – or  in case of Apple the „iWatch“ – should be like. Many articles focus on design aspects. Sure that’s a crucial aspect. I guess the share of people wearing a watch rather for fashion reasons than for functionality (=displaying the time!) is pretty high. But design aspects alone will not convince me to switch from my current watch to a smartwatch. It will be functionality instead. (mehr …)