L’chart pour l’art – will we see charts in the museum 2050?

Veröffentlicht: 25. August 2013 in Communication

Art has always been a way of decribing the world. The range, however, is eclectic – from highly realistic to totally abstract, from emotional to clinical, from beautiful to nasty, from fictious to lifelike. A way many of us describe the world today are PowerPoint charts derived from numbers. Are those charts art? Well, you don’t feel like an artist when hurrying to get your presentation ready for the next meeting. And PowerPoint charts are not meant to last longer than a short shining occurence on the wall. Numbers and conditions change permanently. Your chart is irrelevant quickly. I think, that’s true for 99,9% of all charts produced each day.

Are chartists artists?

But there remains the 0,1% share. These charts provide astonishing insights no other kind of art can present as precisely and as efficiently. They catch the audience by telling stories and (sometimes) are highly aesthetic. One of my favourite examples is this TED presentation by David McCandless:

Will we see such charts in the museum 2050? Well, at least I hope so.

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